World Internet Project International Report—Fourth Edition

Certainly an uncountable number of individuals in all internet related activities will have reviewed the current and fourth edition of The Center for a Digital Future’s World Internet Project International Report.  Comprehensive as can be in the time frame, the benefit from empirical knowledge regarding internet use serves well for e-commerce today and related objectives in international marketing.

The ‘key areas’ that help focus the report are:

  • Internet Users and Non-Users
  • Information Seeking Online
  • Access to Online Services
  • The Internet and Social Connections
  • Politics and the Internet
  • Media Use, Reliability, and Importance
  • User Generated Content and Social Media
  • Online Entertainment
  • Online Purchase and Personal Privacy
  • Online Communication

I appreciate Jeffrey I. Cole’s PhD cover letter to include reference to “private industry decision-makers” and how the report will “enlighten you about the many ways in which online technology is transforming our world.”  (Mr. Cole is the Director, USC Annenberg School Center for the Digital Future and Founder and Organizer, World Internet Project.)  Once to The Center’s site, click for you copy.

Anyone associated with international marketing, e-commerce and related influential communications and policy will improve their understanding of a ‘digital future’ with the effects to business.