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Karol Fulfillment Case Studies

If you have a question that’s not answered here, please contact us and we’ll be happy to address it.

1. Does Karol Fulfillment charge a set-up fee?

Normally, we don’t charge a set-up fee. However, instances do occur in which system integration is extensive or special inventory receipt is required. These situations will be evaluated and quoted on an as-needed basis.

2. What are some basic service fees?

So that we can address a wide range of needs and be fair to all parties, all pricing is carefully customized to reflect each project's specific parameters. After an initial discussion, we will prepare a proposal to confirm pricing.

3. Are there any charges that affect my per transaction cost budget?

We bill at $30 per hour for extra services like product assembly, kitting, additional inventory counts, product inspection, carton receipts and other special requests.

4. Does Karol Fulfillment offer service discounts?

Yes. We extend discounts based on volume and order type parameters.

5. Is a contract required?

Not usually. Exceptions may include requirements for specific and unique investments to allow us to maintain unit-fee billing. If you require a contract, please let us know and we can process the paperwork.

6. Do you have a Service Guarantee?

With our 99.85% accuracy rate, a Service Guarantee has never been needed. We are human however, so though we're not liable for any "loss of business", if we do make that rare mistake, we’ll quickly fix it at no charge with no fuss.

At Karol Fulfillment, we pride ourselves on providing a high quality level of service that results in a superior customer experience.

Although applicable technology can make many procedures faster and error-free, it cannot always be easily adapted from one use to another. Many of our clients rely on us for custom, “yet-to-exist” solutions that have been specially designed to meet their needs.

Internet access and browser-based software allow Karol staff to process and service orders. We do know it is slower to enter orders and not all software is developed with order management in mind. With some discussion we identify the software and know which contributes to efficient back-end procedures.

7. Can Karol Fulfillment process orders with my software?

Yes. For instance, to service one of our existing clients, we log onto their web-hosted application and Karol CSRs and data entry personnel process orders by phone and hard copy. Offering back-end support well beyond basic order downloads, Karol maintains administrative access to client shopping carts so we can manage returns and help your customers process their orders.

Internet access and browser-based software allow Karol staff to process and service orders. We understand that it’s slower to enter orders manually and that not all software is developed with order management in mind. With some discussion, we can identify the proper software for your project and explain how implementation can yield the most efficient back-end procedures.

8. Do you have the right staff for our special needs and projects?

Yes. Depending on your requirements, we can provide you with the staff member(s) best suited to your project. Many times, it's a CSR who’s already hands-on with your business and customer needs.

9. What other back-end services does Karol Fulfillment provide?

Karol handles product assembly, shrinkwrap, garment fold and bag, carton barcoding, product barcoding, kitting (kit-to-ship and kit-to-stock), product returns, inspection and refurbishment as well as CD/DVD duplication, packaging and printing.

10. What payment tenders are accepted?

Pre-paid (check or credit card), customer billing (AR), PayPal and accounts.

11. How much storage capacity is in the warehouse?

We can store 1 - 1,000+ skids and can dedicate up to 5,000 square feet for pick shelves. If we can pick directly from warehouse skid locations, clients don’t need shelf space.

12. How secure is your facility?

Karol's modern, up-to-date facility requires lock-restricted access for any unregistered visitors and vendors. Our management staff patrols the work site throughout the daily schedule and is responsible for setting our comprehensive, off-time security system. All systems and databases require authorized lock access.

13. What parcel carriers are available through Karol Fulfillment?

FedEx, UPS, USPS and LTL. All are routinely used according to instructions and/or best methods.

Karol is truly a multi-carrier service bureau providing best-cost solutions for diverse fulfillment needs. We are glad to discuss service-to-cost factors for each carrier. From overnight and international to media mail and library rates (many projects have pre-sort discounts), we deliver the best solutions or provide details for your evaluation.

14. Does Karol extend discounts to its clients with applicable carriers?

FedEx, UPS, USPS and LTL. All are routinely used according to instructions and/or best methods.

Yes. We extend a portion of any discount received based on our total volume per carrier.

15. Can we use our own carrier account?

Yes, although Karol's volume discounts may enable us to extend better pricing. As many of our current clients must maintain certain existing relationships, we are very flexible in this area. With today's dimensional weight shipping protocols, a carton fee may apply in certain situations.

16. How many orders can Karol Fulfillment handle?

This kind of question typically requires some discussion. Let's take a look at some examples. Certain clients ship 30,000 tendered orders per year with up to 3,000 sku’s in our warehouse at any one time. A typical account averages 10-600 orders per day. Other accounts, with non-tendered orders and up to 2,000 customers, can get everything accomplished in one day.

17. What is your schedule of operation?

We're open and working on your orders from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST M-F. Our facility is closed on major holidays.

18. How can Karol Fulfillment help our business?

We give you “stability in motion”. Ownership is on-site and on-floor to assist with any operations initiatives that can advance your business. Fully staffed, we are capable of servicing pre- and post-order situations to satisfy customer service demands within our service agreements.